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Meow Monday – New Year’s Eve!

31 Dec

Snoozin’ Ru

Apparently Ruby thought she needed something out of the trash can. Lol.

Annabelle was laying on her back, hanging over the sink, drinking water out of the sink. Haha.



My kitties keep me entertained. 🙂

The Whitmore-Lingerfelt clan have taken over Anchorage & Alyeska!

More on that adventure to come!

Love to all!!
Happy New Year’s Eve!


Chewin’ on some Catfish!

29 Dec

80-77 Louisville!! Woohoo!!

Just thought I would share! 🙂

Love to all!!

Meow Monday!

24 Dec


1 day until Christmas!!

Love to all!!

Lingerfelt’s Christmas card 2012

21 Dec

I didn’t send out Christmas cards this year so enjoy this e-card… 🙂


4 days until Christmas!!

Love to all!

Meow Monday!

17 Dec

Cute little Ruby snuggled up with Brandon & me watching a movie. 🙂

Annabelle just couldn’t stay up for the movie.


8 days until Christmas!!

Other news, Jennifer arrived in Fairbanks bright and early this morning at 1:30 a.m. (Well not so much bright but definitely early!!)

Love to all!!

Anniversary in Alaska

11 Dec

Today is December 11. Two years ago today I married my very best friend and high school sweetheart. We have grown so much in the past two years but we’ve grown even MORE in the past 6 years of being together!

In the past two years, Brandon and I have both graduated college, and we took the huge leap of faith and sold everything and moved to Alaska.

I can’t imagine life without Brandon. Our relationship runs so deep. We literally grew up together so I can’t really remember a time that Brandon wasn’t around. I’ve known him since the 3rd grade. It’s funny to talk about my childhood because many of the stories include Brandon too. Not too many people can say that. Lol.

We’ve had our trials and tribulations in the past but our relationship continues to grow and flourish. People always joke that if you can survive building a house together you can survive anything. Haha. Well we remodeled a house before we even got married and we survived so I think we can handle just about anything! Lol.




Our wedding was the best day of my life! It was absolutely perfect! I would have to say Brandon probably agrees. The only thing he might say was better was our honeymoon in Jamaica. Haha.



There are many people I can thank for helping mine and Brandon’s relationship grow!! BUT there are four people in this world that have set the perfect example.

My parents and Brandon’s parents.

9 days after our anniversary, Brandon’s parents will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on December 20th.

9 days after Brandon’s parents anniversary, my parents will be celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary on December 29th.

Happy anniversary to all the Lingerfelt’s and Whitmore’s this holiday season!

Our anniversary means a lot,
Much more than any another day;
I celebrate my love for you,
And cherish you in every way.
Through passing time, our love still grows,
A caring relationship to explore;
Our life together gets better and better,
And I keep on loving you more and more.

14 days until Christmas!

Love to all!!

Meow Monday!

10 Dec

Christmas caroling Ruby! 🙂

Annabelle sitting in the bathroom with me while I’m getting ready.


15 days until Christmas!

Oh AND tomorrow is mine & Brandon’s 2nd wedding anniversary!! 🙂 The time goes by SOOO fast!

Love to all!

Meow Monday!

3 Dec

Sweet Annabelle

Where is Ruby?!!


22 days until Christmas !!🎄

Love to all!

Geocaching adventures!

1 Dec

There is a very popular hobby called geocaching. If you click geocaching I have linked a website that talks all about this very interesting hobby.

Basically geocaching is outdoor treasure hunting. People hide “treasures” and then post the coordinates online and then others go find it. Once you find it you record that you found it but you leave it there for the next person to find. It’s just a FREE neat adventure!

There is a point to my rambling…lol.

Brandon found coordinates to a geocache near our house so we went geocaching for the first time on Thanksgiving. So we followed the coordinates using Brandon’s phone. It was so much fun! We rode the snow machines to the location and dug through the snow until we found it.

This is a picture of Brandon when he found the geocache.

And here is one of Brandon and me with our first geocache. 🙂


There is another geocache across the lake but we will have to ride the snow machines across the lake to locate it. I’m a little nervous about riding across the lake but I’ve seen lots of snow machines on the lake so it’ll be fine. 🙂

Oh and last but not least. I came across an Alaskan nativity scene and just had to buy it!! I thought it was too cute!


Christmas countdown has begun!
24 days until Christmas!!

Love to all!!