About Us

This blog is meant to allow all our friends and family to share in this wonderful adventure that Brandon and I are about to embark on. We have prayed and prayed to God to give us the guidance we need on this incredible journey.

You all are probably wondering how we came to the decision of leaving our friends and family and moving to Alaska. It all started two years ago, when my parents packed up everything they owned and moved to Juneau. Before they moved, I had no desire to visit Alaska, let alone MOVE to the last frontier! Even after they had moved 3,000 miles away, I still had absolutely no interest in ever living there.  BUT -I’m not going to lie, it was very difficult for me to accept that in the middle of planning my wedding, my parents up and moved a 12 hour flight away. I was very angry with them.

With the help of my wonderful husband (fiance at the time), I began a routine that didn’t include seeing my parents multiple times a week. Time went on, Brandon and I got married, I graduated college, and I started a new job in Owensboro, Kentucky. Brandon and I even considered moving to Owensboro so that I could be closer to my job, and we could start a life of our own outside of the town we grew up in. Brandon did some job searching but didn’t have much luck.

Meanwhile in Alaska, my parents were establishing their new life on the last frontier. They loved it so much that Dad actually recruited two people from Henderson to move to Juneau with their families.  Of course during this time Mom and Dad are calling Brandon and me saying, “Alaska is awesome! You really should move up here! You don’t have any kids so this is the perfect time!….etc.” After about the second month of calling and “pestering” Brandon and me, Brandon was ready to jump on the next plane to Juneau.  Me on the other hand, I was still not interested.  I had just started my new job, got a puppy, bought a new car, and lived in this wonderful home!  I was NOT going anywhere.  So that’s where Brandon and my parents left it.  They quit “begging” us to move up there, Brandon quit talking about, and life moved on.

Then one day in late January, I just had this calming moment when God said, “Bethany, move to Alaska.” It was as simple as that! I had, had all these emotions about moving to Alaska, and how I had told myself that I was happy in my little comfort zone in Henderson. But God had other plans.

After I told Brandon about my decision, he was gung-ho! Since January, Brandon and I have been on this journey of searching for jobs in Alaska. But after many phone interviews that have led to MANY dead ends, we have gave it all up to God! Which leds us to the present…

Brandon and I are praying everyday that God will lead us in the direction he sees best.  We are both DONE worrying about our future.  God has never let us go hungry before, and as long as we trust in him, he will not let us go hungry in our future.


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