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Shoot ’em up!

27 Mar

He was driving me crazy!!..So, I shot him! Lol. 🙂

Brandon & Ruby playing with Legos.


We may be 24 but we are still young at heart! We’ll never be too old to play with nerf guns or Legos. 🙂

Love to all!


Birthday weekend!

26 Mar

To kick off my birthday weekend, Brandon & I went to 229 Parks. 229 is this amazingly delicious restaurant located about 18 miles south. All of their food is organic, natural, Alaska grown, etc. There is 1 lady that does all the cooking and she also happens to be the owner.
Brandon had the crispy duck on a bed of lentils.

I had the chickpea spinach flatbread. It was melt in your mouth delicious! Matter of fact I had the leftovers for breakfast the next morning. Haha. 🙂

229 has a nice selection of wines to choose from as well. The friends that we went with are “wine experts” so we let them pick the wine to go with our meal. It was called Hahn and it totally complimented our meal. Yum!!

On Saturday the Whitmore-Lingerfelt’s decided to take a trip to town (aka Fairbanks) to continue the birthday celebrations.

We all went to Birch Hill which is located in Fort Wainwright, Alaska. We had to get visitors passes to be able to get on base to go to the ski park.

Birch Hill has an area that you can snow tube. None of us had ever been snow tubing before so we thought we’d try it out. We had BLAST!!! I would highly recommended snow tubing! It involves ZERO skiing or snowboarding abilities. Basically you just sit on a tube it pulls you up the hill and then when you get to the top, you snow tube down the hill. It was so fun!

This is me getting pulled up the hill. (Such hard work. Lol.)

I attached a link to a video of Brandon, Mom, Haylee, and me flying down the hill on the snow tubes.
We all had such a good time laughing and screaming! 🙂

To finish off the birthday weekend, the Whitmore-Lingerfelt’s had a birthday dinner on Sunday, March 24 (Mine & Mom’s official birth-day). Taylor and Brandon surprised us with a homemade birthday cake shaped like a cupcake and 6 cupcakes. So sweet!!



Mom was celebrating the big 50 and I was celebrating birthday 24.
They didn’t have a # 4 candle at the store so Brandon made one out of a 9. Haha.


We had such a good birthday!! It was the first time in 3 years that the Whitmore-Lingerfelt’s had celebrated together!

Here is one of my birthday presents from Mom & Dad. Too funny!! 🙂


Love to all!!

P.s. Say a little prayer…Brandon lost his wedding band today at work. We sure hope he can find it tomorrow!

Meow Monday!

25 Mar

Lazy kitties! 🙂


Mom & I had a wonderful birthday weekend! 🙂 I will tell all about it in another post.

Love to all!

World Ice Art Championships

18 Mar

Brandon and I had the opportunity to visit the BP World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks last weekend. It was so fun!!

Dad, Haylee, Taylor, Brandon & I drove up to Fairbanks with the plan to go spend the day at the Ice Art Park. Taylor apparently had different plans…she threw up about an hour into our two hour ride up to Fairbanks. We were hoping it was just a one time deal but she threw up again when we stopped for lunch in Fairbanks. Dad was worried that she would get dehydrated and didn’t want to risk it since we were two hours from home. So Taylor and Dad hung out at the hospital while Brandon, Haylee, and I got to visit the Ice Park.

When you first walked in the Ice Park there are about a dozen or more ice slides that you can take a ride on. And of course being the big kid that I am, I had to test ALL of them out. 🙂




After going down the first slide I realized to get the best “slippage” I would need to wear my snow pants so off I went to the car to throw on the snow pants. (And yes, that was a total run on sentence. Lol.)





Haylee in a shoe.

At the Ice Park, there were ice exhibits that you could view. These of course didn’t have any slides for me to slide down but they were still very much entertaining.

These ice carving exhibits were all judged in a variety of categories – Single block, Multi-block, single carver, team carvers – realistic or abstract. On the ice park website it tells about the specific competitions and how long they had to complete the carvings. It is really neat!!


This was one of my very favorite ice sculpture. It is the bones of a King Salmon.


This was the last picture I took before my phone got too cold and shut off. Luckily Brandon was able to snap some pictures while my phone warmed back up in my mittens. 🙂








Haylee sitting on an ice toilet.




This ice log cabin even had a table, chairs, sink, and countertop all made out of ice! Pretty cool! No pun intended! Lol.

Haylee in ice jail.

There were these ice bowls located through out the ice park that you could sit in and then have someone else spin you. I of course opted out of this due to my extremely low tolerance for motion sickness but Brandon did take the ice bowls for a spin. Heehee.


Last but not least, my very favorite part of the day!!…(excuse my finger in the picture)

20130321-205324.jpgThere were 8 slides that you could ride down. We were prepared for these awesome ice slides and had brought our sleds! Woohoo!

Brandon stayed entertained at the bottom of the slides watching all the kids wipe out, while Haylee and I raced down the slides. The slides were super slick and so much fun!
Such a great day! 🙂

Love to all!

P.s. Taylor had no more episodes the rest of the day, thank goodness. And no one else got sick! After the ice park we picked Dad & Taylor up from the hospital and headed home.

Meow Monday!

18 Mar

It is awfully difficult to do homework when I got a cute kitty laying on it! Lol.
She was entirely too comfortable! 🙂

Ruby is loving this sunlight!! It doesn’t get dark now until about 9!!! Woohoo!


Day 1 of Spring break!!
Love to all!!

Meow Monday!

11 Mar

Sleepin’ Annie 20130311-191840.jpg
Cute Ru!

Love to all!