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Sneaky snow

29 Aug

The snow is sneaking down the mountains. We are preparing for snow in a few weeks!! Eeekk!! 🙂



How many Kentuckys fit in ONE Alaska?

19 Aug

In the exhibit that Brandon and I toured at the Fairbanks Welcome Center, we came across these interesting facts.

So then of course I wanted to know how many Kentuckys would fit in ONE Alaska….so I found this website.

How Big is Alaska? – On this website it compares Alaska to your state.

Here was the information I found on Kentucky. (Click the Kentucky link to go to the webpage)

You can fit 16 Kentuckys in ONE Alaska!

Find out how many of your state would fit in ONE Alaska!

Most people do NOT realize just how big Alaska is.  This website has some really interesting information comparing Alaska to your state!

Love to all!


Fieldtrip to Fairbanks

18 Aug

Brandon & I had yet to have an opportunity to explore Fairbanks.  We have both been there a few times but it was mainly just to go grocery shopping so we decided to have a little fieldtrip up to Fairbanks this weekend. 🙂 We stayed at Pike’s Waterfront Lodge.

Pike’s Waterfront Lodge is ususally the starting and ending point for the Iron Dog race. (Click this link to find out the history of the Iron Dog Race)

The Ice Bridge entrance

The Chena River freezes completely over in the winter time so people are able to ride their snow machines out on the River.

On Saturday we went to the Fairbanks’ Welcome Center.  They had this really neat exhibit about Fairbanks, and it’s surrounding areas (like Healy).  Here are a few pictures I took of the Welcome Center & surrounding area.

One thing I have noticed since being here is how large ALL the plant life is. It’s crazy! I have never seen such big flowers in my life! The pansies are the size of my hand! The dandelions almost come up to my knee! Who knew…Alaska..the coldest place in the U.S. would also have the largest flowers!!

This arch is made completely out of moose antlers. Some of the antlers were engraved with where they came from.

Here are some pictures from the exhibit.

I WILL have one of these this winter!!

Salmon Brandon

Model of an Alaskan Smokehouse

Brandon & My bedroom in Healy. Mom & Dad wouldn’t let us sleep in the house. 😉

There are many chain restaurants in Fairbanks.  Most of the chain restaurants here are considered “the Northern Most _____ in the world”. We ate at a Cold Stone Creamery in Fairbanks that is also the Northern Most in the World.

Brandon’s brother, Ryan is the assistant manager at the Denny’s in Henderson. So we only thought it was appropriate to eat here for breakfast.

We had a great time in Fairbanks and definitely look forward to going back soon!  I CAN’T WAIT for winter to get here when all the tourists go home, the snow arrives, and the Alaskan go out to PLAY! 🙂

Love to all!


Dinner in Denali

16 Aug

On the way to “The Canyon”




In the Canyon





Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge (where Brandon works)





Music of Denali – dinner theater at the Princess Lodge



Soap & Lotion bars made right here in Healy


At the dinner theater




Memories in the Making

14 Aug

One of the many reasons I wanted to move to Alaska was so that I could spend more time with my little sisters. The way I look at it is…you are only young once, and I didn’t want to miss out on watching them grow up! I didn’t want to be a distant sister! I wanted to make memories with my little sisters. I didn’t want to be just a sister that was 15 years older and had no relationship with them. I wanted to be in the middle of everything! 🙂

When we all lived in Kentucky, Brandon and I were always at my sisters’ school events, sports games, etc.  We would babysit the girls when Mom & Dad wanted to go on a date.  Brandon & I even watched the girls for over a week when Mom & Dad went on their 25th anniversary cruise. (Needless to say, that experience was VERY good birth control. LOL!) So when we had the opportunity to move up here to Alaska, we jumped on it!

I am so excited to continue making memories with my sisters & building our relationship. Dad & Mom took Jennifer to Anchorage yesterday to send her off to college, so I stayed home with the girls and was able to hang out with them.  We have had a great time! 🙂 Brandon even painted Haylee’s nails last night & he did a pretty awesome job if I might add. I want to spend as much time with my sisters as I can because they won’t be little forever. And Brandon & I won’t always be as free as we are right now. (If that makes any sense.)

School is just around the corner and I can’t wait to go to the girls’ school events and continue to make memories with them! 🙂

Love to all!


P.s. Sorry no pictures with this post! I will post more Alaska pictures sometime this week. I just haven’t gotten a chance to take anymore good ones!

Meow Monday!

13 Aug

Sleeping kitties!





Working in the Wilderness

7 Aug

So! Brandon & I started our jobs this week! Yep, that’s right…WE.

I got a job at Denali Lakeview Inn and started on Sunday. It’s a 20 room bed & breakfast. And it’s right on Otto Lake which is really nice. (Same views as our living room) It’s a total of 3 minutes from our house. The position I got is a seasonal housekeeper. Yea I am a HOUSEKEEPER! But it’s only until the middle of September or until I get a job in the school system. So I think I will survive. But it is kind of funny that I have a bachelors degree and I’m cleaning toilets….

Now about Brandon…he started work on Monday. He works at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge. (Hence the title of this post.) Heehee. He is working as a seasonal maintenance worker. He will work there until mid-October or until a better opportunity comes along.

As you can tell..Annabelle & Ruby are doing great! Surprisingly, our kitties have settled in quite nicely here.



In other news, Brandon & I bought a vehicle tonight! Yay! No more bumming rides from the parents! Lol. Here is our gorgeous new wheels!!

But really, it will get us from point A to point B, it is 4-wheel drive, and it’s winterized (meaning it has a block heater on it for the frigid winter temperatures). The lovely dents on the corners of the roof are from it being rolled last winter. Hahaa. But runs great..oh did I mention we bought it for less than $1000 bucks!

After we bought our new hot ride, we decided to take it out on the town so we ate at Rose’s Cafe. It was delicious! I had the chicken fried steak with homemade, just out of the oven, apple pie a’ la mode. It was amazing!

I promise we don’t eat like this all the time!!

Here is Brandon and me. Brandon refused to take any pictures tonight. Lol. (This was after he broke the handle off the driver’s door of our lovely new truck. And we now have to use pliers..)


Our Alaska adventure may not be a walk in the park but we will have PLENTY of funny stories to tell our children someday!! 🙂

Love to all!!
Bethany (& Brandon)

Horses in Healy

2 Aug

My sisters had a girl scout event today & since Brandon has always wanted to be a girl scout we decided to tag along. Haha. Get it?…tag along. Lol.We got to visit a local horse pasture that houses 8-10 horses. These horses are hard core! Most of them live outside during the Alaskan winters!

This horse is named Rusty. He is an American Belgium horse. He is 24 years old! We got to brush him & feed him, as well as clean his hooves.

This is Bismark. He was too busy eating to look at the camera.

This is Conner. He liked to steal all the other horses’ food.

All the girl scouts got to take turns riding the horses except for Girl Scout Brandon (Sorry Brandon! Maybe next time.) Lol. We all had a really good time today.

Brushing Rusty

Mom & my sister, Haylee brushing Rusty

We had a great time today! I’m looking forward to the next little adventure! 🙂

In other news, apparently Healy made front page of the Fairbanks newspaper.

Read:  Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – Brood awakening: Healy couple wakes to find grizzlies trying to break in

I have yet to see a bear, and I would like to keep it that way!

OH! AND!…Brandon got a job! Yay! He starts Monday.  He will be working in the maintenance department at Princess Lodge in the Canyon.  Brandon is very excited to get back to work and start making some MONEYY!! 🙂 Say some prayers that he enjoys his job & that I find a job!

The awesome couple!

Love to all!


Alaska Beautiful

1 Aug

So the last couple days have been CRAZY busy!!

Monday we drove two hours to Fairbanks to go to the grocery and Walmart. We have two small grocery stores in Healy but they are EXTREMELY expensive. Brandon and I stopped at the Liquor & Groceries store the other day & a bag of chips cost us $5.50! (This same bag of chips cost $2 in Kentucky) A gallon of milk cost between $6-8 and you hope that it’s not expired!

So we drove to Fairbanks & spent the day grocery shopping. I also bought a few things to make our bedroom a little more homey like a rug and a noisemaker (aka a fan). Lol. By the time we got back from Fairbanks we were all exhausted!

Oh and I saw the coolest Walmart in Fairbanks!


On Tuesday, Mom & I worked on decorating her classroom for VBS. The theme for VBS this year is Amazing Wonders Aviation so the room is decorated like a plane in the tropics. 🙂

Today was opening day for Mom’s hair salon, Denali Salon 249. She had a very successful first day. I spent most of the day at the salon, answering the phone, sweeping up hair, and folding towels while Mom made Alaska beautiful!

Tonight we all went out to celebrate Mom’s successful first day. We went down to the Canyon and ate at Prospector’s Pizza, which is super delicious!

Here was the appetizer we had called mozzarella logs. There were three on the plate and they were HUGE. I kid you not, they were the size of my hand!! Brandon & I split ONE! They were delicious!


Tomorrow my plan is to find a job. 🙂 We think Brandon has landed a seasonal job in the Canyon but I’ll fill you all in when it becomes official.

In other news, several bears have been spotted near our house. The bears are responsible for eating 4 pigs & 15 chickens from a neighbor’s yard! I have yet to see any bears & I’ve only seen one moose with her two babies. And the moose I saw was SUPER faraway. Lol. So no worries.

Also remember – People & bears have coexisted for thousands of years so we’ll be okay! 🙂

P.s. I think Annabelle has made a new friend. 🙂


Love to all!