Geocaching adventures!

1 Dec

There is a very popular hobby called geocaching. If you click geocaching I have linked a website that talks all about this very interesting hobby.

Basically geocaching is outdoor treasure hunting. People hide “treasures” and then post the coordinates online and then others go find it. Once you find it you record that you found it but you leave it there for the next person to find. It’s just a FREE neat adventure!

There is a point to my rambling…lol.

Brandon found coordinates to a geocache near our house so we went geocaching for the first time on Thanksgiving. So we followed the coordinates using Brandon’s phone. It was so much fun! We rode the snow machines to the location and dug through the snow until we found it.

This is a picture of Brandon when he found the geocache.

And here is one of Brandon and me with our first geocache. 🙂


There is another geocache across the lake but we will have to ride the snow machines across the lake to locate it. I’m a little nervous about riding across the lake but I’ve seen lots of snow machines on the lake so it’ll be fine. 🙂

Oh and last but not least. I came across an Alaskan nativity scene and just had to buy it!! I thought it was too cute!


Christmas countdown has begun!
24 days until Christmas!!

Love to all!!


One Response to “Geocaching adventures!”

  1. Anonymous December 2, 2012 at 12:50 am #

    David and I found both caches a few years back. Except we were sane and did it in the summer! We rowed a raft 🙂 We love geocaching 🙂

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