Winterfest Wonderland

28 Feb

Last weekend Brandon and I got to experience Winterfest in Healy and Denali Park.
The kick off for the Winterfest started on Thursday at Tri Valley School where they had an ice sculptor carving two Vikings out of a block of ice. During the day, the students got to go carve their own block of ice while watching the ice sculptor worked on his masterpiece. 20130228-121431.jpg20130228-121446.jpg
The finished Vikings were pretty cool! You could actually stand in the Vikings so it made it look like you were the Viking.
Friday the ice carver did an ice carving for the town of Healy at the community center.

Saturday, Brandon and I headed down to Denali National Park to continue the Winterfest celebration down there. They had delicious FREE food down there – reindeer sausages, seafood chowder, chili, yummy baked goods, and hot coffee!! (I forgot to take a picture of the reindeer sausage that I ate. By the time I remembered to take a picture, I had already inhaled it. Lol.)

At the park they had lots of activities for the kids to do. Brandon and I enjoyed watching.

The park rangers had also brought down several of the sled dogs from the kennel. You could practice putting the dogs in their sledding harnesses or putting the booties on their feet. I just enjoyed lovin’ on the doggies! 🙂

The ice carver was at the park on Saturday doing one last ice sculpture for the area. In Fall 2012, US mint introduced a new line of quarters, National Park quarters. Denali National Park was of course presented with a really neat quarter of a Dall Sheep on it. So of course, it was quite appropriate for the ice carver to do a sculpture of this quarter. 20130228-123044.jpg

Saturday night we continued the Winterfest festivities at the Community Center with a free chili feed and live bands.

Taylor thoroughly enjoyed her chili and bread bowl. Lol!20130228-123233.jpg
We got to listen to a band called Kentucky Tundra. Heehee. I thought that was quite ironic. Didn’t quite compare to the Handy Fest, but they were entertaining. 🙂20130228-123647.jpg

We had a great time at the Winterfest!

I will eventually get around to blogging about our adventure down in Big Lake at the Iron Dog races but I am having major sinus pressure issues right now so I’m going back to bed!

Love to all!!


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