One Life Henderson

13 Jan

There is the most amazing church in Henderson, Kentucky called One Life.

It opened its doors for the first time on 10-10-10. As soon as it opened Brandon and I heard many great things about this church and what all they had going on. So in May of 2011 we began going there. Brandon and I both immediately fell in love with this church.

We had tried out several other churches but we both just got this feeling as soon as we stepped in the doors at One Life. So from then on we attended One Life regularly and VERY much enjoyed it. I had never been to a church service where I sat on the edge of my chair listening so intently to the ENTIRE sermon. I mean any preacher can have a great sermon every now and then but gosh it seemed like EVERY sermon was AWESOME! And I always felt like our preacher was talking directly to me.

So anyway, one of the HARDEST things about leaving Henderson (besides leaving our family) was leaving One Life behind. I mean you can always find a church to go to but Brandon & I both felt so connected there!

One of the many things I LOVE about One Life is how technology savvy they are. They are always using the coolest, newest gadgets and programs to enhance the church. So one of the coolest things they did was create a One Life app! In this app, each and every sermon has been recorded and all the notes that go along with that sermon have been added. It’s so neat! If you happen to miss a Sunday or if you’re like us and have missed 6 months of sermons then you can get caught up by watching them on the app. I love still feeling like I’m connected to One Life, even though I’m 3,700 miles away.

Okay, so there is a point to my rambling! If you live in or around Henderson you should really considering checking out One Life sometime!! I have attached their link to this page if you want to find out exactly where it is and what time services start. It’s located in Eastgate if that helps any.

For those of you who do not live in or around Henderson you should really considering downloading the One Life Church app. It’s really awesome!


Lastly, One Life has grown so much in the past two years that in August of 2012 they opened a second One Life campus in Evansville, Indiana. It is a satellite campus so they receive the broadcasted sermon from the Henderson campus. (Told ya they are technology gurus!) They renovated an old brewery in Evansville and created this magnificent building. It’s pretty cool!! 🙂

Here is a picture of One Life West in Evansville.


Alright, I’m done talking now.
Love to all!!


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