Anchorage Adventures

27 Oct

Last weekend Brandon & I went to Anchorage along with the rest of the family. It was a very nice three day weekend.

We live about 4 hours north of Anchorage so it wasn’t a terribly long drive. We stayed at a hotel called the Puffin Inn.
A puffin is a type of sea bird that lives on the Alaskan coast.
They are pretty little things! They almost don’t even look real!


We had a wonderful time in Anchorage. Brandon & I kinda did our own thing on the trip. We did lots of shopping! We went to a store called REI. And I loved it!! I could have stayed there all day. The store has everything you need in Alaska from clothes to outdoor equipment. It was amazing! šŸ™‚ I bought some nice warm snow boots there that keep your feet warm down to -25Ā°.

One of the malls we went to in Anchorage had an ice skating rink, bowling alley, and a movie theater! It was so neat! So of course we had to see a movie. Anyone that knows Brandon and me know we love movies! So any chance we get to go to the theaters we definitely do!

So we watched Alex Cross. It’s so funny because on our trip to Florida in May Brandon and I listened to several Alex Cross audio books, little did I know there was an Alex Cross movie coming out soon! I would definitely recommend this movie. Brandon and I are pretty big Tyler Perry fans. We love the Madea movoes!


Anyway, we had a great time in Anchorage. It was a nice change from Healy but by the end of our three day weekend we were ready to come back to our slow paced little town! šŸ™‚

Two weeks ago, Dad found a good deal on some snowmobiles (known as snow machines up here) so Dad, Brandon, Taylor, and I drove up to Fairbanks to check them out. And we came back to Healy, owners of two 2002 Arctic Cat snow machines.


We don’t have much snow here in Healy yet (about 6-8 inches) but we couldn’t wait to ride these things! We’ve been riding those things around the backyard like crazy!! šŸ™‚ They are so fun!! In Fairbanks they have groomed trails that you can ride on. On the trails there are cabins you can stay in overnight. Brandon and I are planning on doing an overnight snow machine trip this winter. It’s going to be a blast! Yay!

Not much happens in little ol’ Healy but when it does everyone is there!! Tonight Brandon and I are going to a mystery dinner theater at Tri Valley School. There will be lots of food and desserts along with a silent auction. I’m very excited and can’t wait to see the show! Mom & Dad went to the show last night while Brandon & I watched the girls and then tonight we are going while Mom & Dad watch the girls. šŸ™‚

Okay so now that I have talked your head off..enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Love to all!


One Response to “Anchorage Adventures”

  1. Anonymous October 30, 2012 at 10:01 pm #

    Good entry in your Alaska journal B. We are very excited to be sharing our adventure with you guys. Praise God for all the Blessings! Dad

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