Fieldtrip to Fairbanks

18 Aug

Brandon & I had yet to have an opportunity to explore Fairbanks.  We have both been there a few times but it was mainly just to go grocery shopping so we decided to have a little fieldtrip up to Fairbanks this weekend. 🙂 We stayed at Pike’s Waterfront Lodge.

Pike’s Waterfront Lodge is ususally the starting and ending point for the Iron Dog race. (Click this link to find out the history of the Iron Dog Race)

The Ice Bridge entrance

The Chena River freezes completely over in the winter time so people are able to ride their snow machines out on the River.

On Saturday we went to the Fairbanks’ Welcome Center.  They had this really neat exhibit about Fairbanks, and it’s surrounding areas (like Healy).  Here are a few pictures I took of the Welcome Center & surrounding area.

One thing I have noticed since being here is how large ALL the plant life is. It’s crazy! I have never seen such big flowers in my life! The pansies are the size of my hand! The dandelions almost come up to my knee! Who knew…Alaska..the coldest place in the U.S. would also have the largest flowers!!

This arch is made completely out of moose antlers. Some of the antlers were engraved with where they came from.

Here are some pictures from the exhibit.

I WILL have one of these this winter!!

Salmon Brandon

Model of an Alaskan Smokehouse

Brandon & My bedroom in Healy. Mom & Dad wouldn’t let us sleep in the house. 😉

There are many chain restaurants in Fairbanks.  Most of the chain restaurants here are considered “the Northern Most _____ in the world”. We ate at a Cold Stone Creamery in Fairbanks that is also the Northern Most in the World.

Brandon’s brother, Ryan is the assistant manager at the Denny’s in Henderson. So we only thought it was appropriate to eat here for breakfast.

We had a great time in Fairbanks and definitely look forward to going back soon!  I CAN’T WAIT for winter to get here when all the tourists go home, the snow arrives, and the Alaskan go out to PLAY! 🙂

Love to all!



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