Horses in Healy

2 Aug

My sisters had a girl scout event today & since Brandon has always wanted to be a girl scout we decided to tag along. Haha. Get it?…tag along. Lol.We got to visit a local horse pasture that houses 8-10 horses. These horses are hard core! Most of them live outside during the Alaskan winters!

This horse is named Rusty. He is an American Belgium horse. He is 24 years old! We got to brush him & feed him, as well as clean his hooves.

This is Bismark. He was too busy eating to look at the camera.

This is Conner. He liked to steal all the other horses’ food.

All the girl scouts got to take turns riding the horses except for Girl Scout Brandon (Sorry Brandon! Maybe next time.) Lol. We all had a really good time today.

Brushing Rusty

Mom & my sister, Haylee brushing Rusty

We had a great time today! I’m looking forward to the next little adventure! 🙂

In other news, apparently Healy made front page of the Fairbanks newspaper.

Read:  Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – Brood awakening: Healy couple wakes to find grizzlies trying to break in

I have yet to see a bear, and I would like to keep it that way!

OH! AND!…Brandon got a job! Yay! He starts Monday.  He will be working in the maintenance department at Princess Lodge in the Canyon.  Brandon is very excited to get back to work and start making some MONEYY!! 🙂 Say some prayers that he enjoys his job & that I find a job!

The awesome couple!

Love to all!



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