Alaska Beautiful

1 Aug

So the last couple days have been CRAZY busy!!

Monday we drove two hours to Fairbanks to go to the grocery and Walmart. We have two small grocery stores in Healy but they are EXTREMELY expensive. Brandon and I stopped at the Liquor & Groceries store the other day & a bag of chips cost us $5.50! (This same bag of chips cost $2 in Kentucky) A gallon of milk cost between $6-8 and you hope that it’s not expired!

So we drove to Fairbanks & spent the day grocery shopping. I also bought a few things to make our bedroom a little more homey like a rug and a noisemaker (aka a fan). Lol. By the time we got back from Fairbanks we were all exhausted!

Oh and I saw the coolest Walmart in Fairbanks!


On Tuesday, Mom & I worked on decorating her classroom for VBS. The theme for VBS this year is Amazing Wonders Aviation so the room is decorated like a plane in the tropics. 🙂

Today was opening day for Mom’s hair salon, Denali Salon 249. She had a very successful first day. I spent most of the day at the salon, answering the phone, sweeping up hair, and folding towels while Mom made Alaska beautiful!

Tonight we all went out to celebrate Mom’s successful first day. We went down to the Canyon and ate at Prospector’s Pizza, which is super delicious!

Here was the appetizer we had called mozzarella logs. There were three on the plate and they were HUGE. I kid you not, they were the size of my hand!! Brandon & I split ONE! They were delicious!


Tomorrow my plan is to find a job. 🙂 We think Brandon has landed a seasonal job in the Canyon but I’ll fill you all in when it becomes official.

In other news, several bears have been spotted near our house. The bears are responsible for eating 4 pigs & 15 chickens from a neighbor’s yard! I have yet to see any bears & I’ve only seen one moose with her two babies. And the moose I saw was SUPER faraway. Lol. So no worries.

Also remember – People & bears have coexisted for thousands of years so we’ll be okay! 🙂

P.s. I think Annabelle has made a new friend. 🙂


Love to all!


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