Touchdown in Denver

23 Jul

Touchdown in Denver! Two flights down, 1 flight & 2-hour drive to go! 🙂

We loaded the plane in St. Louis, got all situated, and then the flight attendant proceeded to tell us that Brandon & I would have to sit 10 rows apart since we have two animals. So I ended up sitting with a nice man flying to San Diego. There was a girl sitting across the row from me with two babies (8 month old and a 2 year old). She was from Owensboro! (Small world!) She lives in Anchorage with her military husband.

Anyway, Annabelle & Ruby did wonderful on the plane. No bodily fluid leakage this time! 🙂 I had to check on the kitties several times because they were being so quiet!!

We are now in Denver waiting on our flight to Fairbanks. Say some prayers that we survive this next flight. It’s the long one (5 1/2 hours).


We found a family bathroom and were able to let Annabelle & Ruby out to roam around.


Talk to y’all in Fairbanks!



One Response to “Touchdown in Denver”

  1. Dunkle Do July 28, 2012 at 2:50 am #

    brandon is wearing a “going to the big dance” shirt…is that sadie hawkins?

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