In St. Louis

23 Jul

Made it to St. Louis.

Here was my view on our last plane.

The man on the left is the pilot. The man on the right was a lucky passenger who got to co-pilot.

Ruby meowed the entire way.

Annabelle was wonderful other than the fact that she peed on herself. 😦 Poor Annabelle!

When we arrived in St. Louis we had to go to the ticket counter to pay for Annabelle & Ruby. Then we had to go BACK through security. I almost had an anxiety attack but my wonderful husband talked me through it. 🙂 I sure love him!! ❤

Now we are sitting, waiting for our next flight. Annabelle and Ruby are very content on the ground. 🙂

I will post more in Denver…if I have time.

Love to all!!


One Response to “In St. Louis”

  1. Donna Groves July 23, 2012 at 5:50 pm #

    Hi Bethany and Brandon!! Good luck with your move to Alaska! I hope your trip there is timely and uneventful!! Love to you both!! Hug your mom, dad, Jennifer and the girls for me please!!

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