Family Support

30 Jun

Growing up I had an absolutely wonderful family support system.  Mom and Dad were always there for me.  There wasn’t a single soccer game growing up that I couldn’t look up in the bleachers and find Mom and/or Dad sitting there cheering me on. If I was sick, Mom was there to take care of me.  If I needed homework help, Mom and Dad were there to help me. If I needed financial help they were always there to hand me some dough.  I could not have ask for better parents!

But family support isn’t always about your immediate family but about your extended family too.  I have the BEST grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in the entire world! Every holiday, my cousins were there to play cards with me.  At my high school graduation, my aunts had an air horn to blow when the principal called my name.  When I was growing up, anytime Mom and Dad couldn’t come to the rescue, they could call one of my grandparents and they would be there.

My parents – Happily married for 29 years!! WOOHOO!!

With this move to Alaska, Mom and Dad are supporting us 100%.  (I mean, why wouldn’t they…they live in Alaska. LOL!) Not only are they ALL FOR us moving up there but they are giving us a place to live when we get to Alaska until Brandon and I are able to get on our feet! They are even letting us bring our sweet kitties with us. (That will make 2 dogs and 2 cats under the same roof when we get there!!) Brandon and I are SO thankful for my parents and their help with us moving.

Family is one of God’s greatest resources to us. Families provide acceptance, encouragement, and guidance to one other.  God wants us to strive for communication and understanding with our families.  It is OKAY to “agree to disagree” with your family members. 🙂

Seeing how much family support I had, I prayed to God that my future -in laws would be that same support system.

In Matthew 6:5-15, Jesus teaches us about prayer.

Jesus says do not pray publicly just so that everyone else can hear, but go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private*. Then your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.

*Now this does NOT me that you shouldn’t pray in public, it just simply means to check the motives behind your actions.

I prayed this same prayer for many years, and God blessed me with wonderful -in laws!

Brandon’s parents – Happily married for 24 years!! WOOHOO!!

What makes them so wonderful you ask?

Brandon’s parents have given us (Brandon & me) acceptance, encouragement, and guidance that families are suppose to provide.  There have been many times that Brandon & I have needed their support. For example, helping us move to Louisville to attend college in 2007.  Or donating items to furnish the new house we purchased in 2009.  These are just two small examples of the support that Brandon’s parents have provided us.

If it wasn’t for the approval from Brandon’s family, this move to Alaska would not have been possible.  They are buying my new vehicle from us, they are helping us get ready for this yard sale (JULY 7TH), and they are even taking care of Bagel (my sweet puppy-dog) while we are gone.

I prayed that I would have an -in law support system and God answered!

With this move to Alaska, Brandon & I need our families.  We need our families to provide us with the acceptance, encouragement, and guidance we need to make this journey.  When you follow God’s will, he will bless you in abundance.

Just remember, your way isn’t always GOD’s way.  It would have been a THOUSAND times easier for Brandon & me to ignore God’s calling for us to move to Alaska and just stay in Henderson.  But when God calls, we answer, with NO regrets.

–Love to all!!



One Response to “Family Support”

  1. Anonymous July 11, 2012 at 5:37 pm #

    This was so heart felt. You wrote a beautiful letter. I really havent got to talk to you to know you that well but Cory thinks your pretty special.But I do know Brandon and I love him very much! He was and will always be a second son to me. He has so much history with our family.He and Cory have had their differences but Brandon is Corys best friend. I will miss you both and I do wish the Best for you two! Please keep in touch!
    Love Jeanette Wimsatt

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